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dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  DCCLParameters { DCCL_ID = 213975047, DCCL_MAX_BYTES = 32 }
typedef CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode VerticalMode
typedef CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode ThrustMode

Public Member Functions

 CCLMDATRedirect (const CCLMDATRedirect &from)
CCLMDATRedirectoperator= (const CCLMDATRedirect &from)
const ::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet & unknown_fields () const
inline::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet * mutable_unknown_fields ()
void Swap (CCLMDATRedirect *other)
CCLMDATRedirectNew () const
void CopyFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void MergeFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void CopyFrom (const CCLMDATRedirect &from)
void MergeFrom (const CCLMDATRedirect &from)
void Clear ()
bool IsInitialized () const
int ByteSize () const
bool MergePartialFromCodedStream (::google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream *input)
void SerializeWithCachedSizes (::google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream *output) const
::google::protobuf::uint8 * SerializeWithCachedSizesToArray (::google::protobuf::uint8 *output) const
int GetCachedSize () const
::google::protobuf::Metadata GetMetadata () const
bool has_message_number () const
void clear_message_number ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 message_number () const
void set_message_number (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_latitude () const
void clear_latitude ()
double latitude () const
void set_latitude (double value)
bool has_longitude () const
void clear_longitude ()
double longitude () const
void set_longitude (double value)
bool has_transit_vertical_mode () const
void clear_transit_vertical_mode ()
inline::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode transit_vertical_mode () const
void set_transit_vertical_mode (::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode value)
bool has_transit_thrust_mode () const
void clear_transit_thrust_mode ()
inline::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode transit_thrust_mode () const
void set_transit_thrust_mode (::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode value)
bool has_survey_vertical_mode () const
void clear_survey_vertical_mode ()
inline::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode survey_vertical_mode () const
void set_survey_vertical_mode (::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode value)
bool has_survey_thrust_mode () const
void clear_survey_thrust_mode ()
inline::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode survey_thrust_mode () const
void set_survey_thrust_mode (::dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode value)
bool has_depth_goal_transit () const
void clear_depth_goal_transit ()
float depth_goal_transit () const
void set_depth_goal_transit (float value)
bool has_speed_transit () const
void clear_speed_transit ()
float speed_transit () const
void set_speed_transit (float value)
bool has_device_cmd_transit () const
void clear_device_cmd_transit ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 device_cmd_transit () const
void set_device_cmd_transit (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_depth_goal_survey () const
void clear_depth_goal_survey ()
float depth_goal_survey () const
void set_depth_goal_survey (float value)
bool has_speed_survey () const
void clear_speed_survey ()
float speed_survey () const
void set_speed_survey (float value)
bool has_device_cmd_survey () const
void clear_device_cmd_survey ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 device_cmd_survey () const
void set_device_cmd_survey (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_num_rows () const
void clear_num_rows ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 num_rows () const
void set_num_rows (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_row_length () const
void clear_row_length ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 row_length () const
void set_row_length (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_spacing_0 () const
void clear_spacing_0 ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 spacing_0 () const
void set_spacing_0 (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_spacing_1 () const
void clear_spacing_1 ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint32 spacing_1 () const
void set_spacing_1 (::google::protobuf::uint32 value)
bool has_heading () const
void clear_heading ()
float heading () const
void set_heading (float value)
bool has_lat_start () const
void clear_lat_start ()
double lat_start () const
void set_lat_start (double value)
bool has_lon_start () const
void clear_lon_start ()
double lon_start () const
void set_lon_start (double value)
bool has_spare () const
void clear_spare ()
const ::std::string & spare () const
void set_spare (const ::std::string &value)
void set_spare (const char *value)
void set_spare (const void *value, size_t size)
inline::std::string * mutable_spare ()
inline::std::string * release_spare ()
void set_allocated_spare (::std::string *spare)

Static Public Member Functions

static const ::google::protobuf::Descriptor * descriptor ()
static const CCLMDATRedirectdefault_instance ()
static bool VerticalMode_IsValid (int value)
static const ::google::protobuf::EnumDescriptor * VerticalMode_descriptor ()
static const ::std::string & VerticalMode_Name (VerticalMode value)
static bool VerticalMode_Parse (const ::std::string &name, VerticalMode *value)
static bool ThrustMode_IsValid (int value)
static const ::google::protobuf::EnumDescriptor * ThrustMode_descriptor ()
static const ::std::string & ThrustMode_Name (ThrustMode value)
static bool ThrustMode_Parse (const ::std::string &name, ThrustMode *value)

Static Public Attributes

static const VerticalMode DEPTH = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_DEPTH
static const VerticalMode ALTITUDE = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_ALTITUDE
static const VerticalMode RESERVED_2 = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_RESERVED_2
static const VerticalMode RESERVED_3 = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_RESERVED_3
static const VerticalMode RESERVED_4 = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_RESERVED_4
static const VerticalMode RESERVED_5 = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_RESERVED_5
static const VerticalMode RESERVED_6 = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_RESERVED_6
static const VerticalMode RESERVED_7 = CCLMDATRedirect_VerticalMode_RESERVED_7
static const VerticalMode VerticalMode_MIN
static const VerticalMode VerticalMode_MAX
static const int VerticalMode_ARRAYSIZE
static const ThrustMode RPM = CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode_RPM
static const ThrustMode METERS_PER_SECOND = CCLMDATRedirect_ThrustMode_METERS_PER_SECOND
static const ThrustMode ThrustMode_MIN
static const ThrustMode ThrustMode_MAX
static const int ThrustMode_ARRAYSIZE
static const int kMessageNumberFieldNumber = 1
static const int kLatitudeFieldNumber = 2
static const int kLongitudeFieldNumber = 3
static const int kTransitVerticalModeFieldNumber = 4
static const int kTransitThrustModeFieldNumber = 5
static const int kSurveyVerticalModeFieldNumber = 6
static const int kSurveyThrustModeFieldNumber = 7
static const int kDepthGoalTransitFieldNumber = 8
static const int kSpeedTransitFieldNumber = 9
static const int kDeviceCmdTransitFieldNumber = 10
static const int kDepthGoalSurveyFieldNumber = 11
static const int kSpeedSurveyFieldNumber = 12
static const int kDeviceCmdSurveyFieldNumber = 13
static const int kNumRowsFieldNumber = 14
static const int kRowLengthFieldNumber = 15
static const int kSpacing0FieldNumber = 16
static const int kSpacing1FieldNumber = 17
static const int kHeadingFieldNumber = 18
static const int kLatStartFieldNumber = 19
static const int kLonStartFieldNumber = 20
static const int kSpareFieldNumber = 21


void protobuf_AddDesc_dccl_2fccl_2fprotobuf_2fccl_2eproto ()
void protobuf_AssignDesc_dccl_2fccl_2fprotobuf_2fccl_2eproto ()
void protobuf_ShutdownFile_dccl_2fccl_2fprotobuf_2fccl_2eproto ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 259 of file ccl.pb.h.

Member Data Documentation

const int dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect::ThrustMode_ARRAYSIZE
Initial value:

Definition at line 350 of file ccl.pb.h.

const ThrustMode dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect::ThrustMode_MAX
Initial value:

Definition at line 348 of file ccl.pb.h.

const ThrustMode dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect::ThrustMode_MIN
Initial value:

Definition at line 346 of file ccl.pb.h.

const int dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect::VerticalMode_ARRAYSIZE
Initial value:

Definition at line 326 of file ccl.pb.h.

const VerticalMode dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect::VerticalMode_MAX
Initial value:

Definition at line 324 of file ccl.pb.h.

const VerticalMode dccl::legacyccl::protobuf::CCLMDATRedirect::VerticalMode_MIN
Initial value:

Definition at line 322 of file ccl.pb.h.

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