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dccl::arith::Model Class Reference

Public Types

enum  ModelState { ENCODER, DECODER }
typedef uint32 freq_type
typedef int symbol_type
typedef double value_type

Public Member Functions

 Model (const protobuf::ArithmeticModel &user)
symbol_type value_to_symbol (value_type value) const
value_type symbol_to_value (symbol_type symbol) const
symbol_type total_symbols ()
const protobuf::ArithmeticModeluser_model () const
symbol_type max_symbol () const
freq_type total_freq (ModelState state) const
void update_model (symbol_type symbol, ModelState state)
std::pair< freq_type, freq_type > symbol_to_cumulative_freq (symbol_type symbol, ModelState state) const
std::pair< symbol_type, symbol_type > cumulative_freq_to_symbol (std::pair< freq_type, freq_type > c_freq_pair, ModelState state) const

Static Public Attributes

static const symbol_type OUT_OF_RANGE_SYMBOL = -1
static const symbol_type EOF_SYMBOL = -2
static const symbol_type MIN_SYMBOL = EOF_SYMBOL
static const int CODE_VALUE_BITS = 32
static const int FREQUENCY_BITS = CODE_VALUE_BITS - 2
static const freq_type MAX_FREQUENCY = (1 << FREQUENCY_BITS) - 1
static std::map< std::string, std::map< std::string, Bitset > > last_bits_map


class ModelManager

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file field_codec_arithmetic.h.

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