dccl::v3 Namespace Reference

DCCL version 3 default field codecs. More...


class  DefaultEnumCodec
 Provides an enum encoder. This converts the enumeration to an integer and uses DefaultNumericFieldCodec to encode the integer. Note that by default, the value is based on the enumeration index (not its value. If you wish to allocate space for all values between a lower and upper bound (for future expansion of the enumeration values, for instance) then set the (dccl.field).packed_enum extension to false. The enumerate value will then be used for encoding. More...
class  DefaultMessageCodec
 Provides the default codec for encoding a base Google Protobuf message or an embedded message by calling the appropriate field codecs for every field. More...
class  DefaultNumericFieldCodec
class  DefaultStringCodec
 Provides an variable length ASCII string encoder. More...
class  PresenceBitCodec
 Encodes empty optional fields with a single "presence" bit. More...
class  StaticCodec
class  TimeCodec
class  TimeCodec< double >
class  TimeCodec< int64 >
class  TimeCodec< uint64 >
class  VarBytesCodec


using DefaultBoolCodec = v2::DefaultBoolCodec
using DefaultBytesCodec = v2::DefaultBytesCodec

Detailed Description

DCCL version 3 default field codecs.