dccl::v4 Namespace Reference

DCCL version 4 default field codecs. More...


class  DefaultMessageCodec
 Provides the default codec for encoding a base Google Protobuf message or an embedded message by calling the appropriate field codecs for every field. More...
class  HashCodec


template<typename WireType , typename FieldType = WireType>
using DefaultNumericFieldCodec = v3::DefaultNumericFieldCodec< WireType, FieldType >
using DefaultBoolCodec = v3::DefaultBoolCodec
using DefaultEnumCodec = v3::DefaultEnumCodec
using DefaultBytesCodec = v3::VarBytesCodec
using DefaultStringCodec = v3::VarBytesCodec
template<typename TimeType >
using TimeCodec = v3::TimeCodec< TimeType >
template<typename T >
using StaticCodec = v3::StaticCodec< T >
template<typename WrappedType >
using PresenceBitCodec = v3::PresenceBitCodec< WrappedType >
using VarBytesCodec = v3::VarBytesCodec

Detailed Description

DCCL version 4 default field codecs.